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Hook (Strong Beginning) - sad and boring life of chara -> opposite at end from climax to have room for development/to shift

Call To Adventure (Plot Turn 1) - call to adventure/into journey (sometimes 3 calls as in Matrix) - he might have already searched for a long time for thos answers and the entry point into that other world/adventures, introduction of conflict, moves story from beginning to midpoint, the characters world changes (meet new people, discover secrets, follow the white rabbit)

Disaster 1 (Pinch 1) - apply pressure on chara, force chara into action, often introduces villain

Call To Action (Midpoint) - change (from reaction to action; learn who the enemy is, what they want, and then decide to do something about it) (i.e. council of elrond: from running away -> taking the fight to sauron)

Disaster 2 (Pinch 2) - makes situation seem hopeless, even worse than pinch 1: plan fails, mentors die, everything goes irrevocably wrong so that the chara can rethink and find the actual solution

Plot turn 2 - carries from midpoint to end, chara obtains the final thing he needs to make their decision from midpoint happen, here they grab the solution from the 'jaws of defeat' from Pinch 2

Resolution (Climax) (Life of hero is opposite to hook.) Goal of the story: Everything in the story leads to that moment. Here is the victory through [means] or the failure to shield from [(formerly not available/unknown) weapon].

as seen on the presentation by Dan Wells on Story Structure podcast

This should work for short stories and novels, as well as screenplays.

EDIT: Stuff is missing. I might add it. (Not today, though.)

EDIT 2: Oh, whoops, I got it all wrong. Hah. That formula up there is actually from Dan Well's presentation On Story Structure.
The actual Hollywood Formula and the story structure system that I learned from these five YouTube videos go hand in hand and are a really cool help for plotting, so no harm done. Now to the real Hollywood Formula ... I'll explain it someday. Till then just listen to the podcast.

EDIT 3: The actual Hollywood Formula now can be found here.


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