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A Round Of Words In 80 Days
Check-In #2 - Sunday:

- I recorded every day music for at least 5 minutes, even on saturday. In the goals post I had said I wanted to record 'every day' but I had actually only meant every workday. Yet yesterday's unplanned additional recording session was the most fun and fulfilling yet.

I sang some latin songs I had learned a long time ago, some of them even in my early childhood.
Finally, after 10 minutes of singing all these (short) lovely latin songs that I have always loved I started improvising; I think that song ran for nearly five minutes.

Very beautiful. I love making music. <3

- So far I wrote for only one challenge, a very short piece.

It doesn't seem to work very well, so now I think I could expand it by maybe showing how the person paces their room while talking on the phone, absentmindedly tidying up, probably putting back things that would tell us more about what world we're in, whether the genre is actually Science Fiction or Fantasy, how close their world is to most of our realities ...

I am curious about getting these questions answered; I don't know it yet either. I just took the prompt and 'flew' with it.

So, just one. Today another deadline approaches, so I have to write another miniature to fill that challenge, too.

- I have figured out how to continue my novel and will start writing for it again very soon (tomorrow?).
I have also rediscovered half a dozen or so other novel ideas that I had developed years ago and that I still want to write because I still love them a lot.
I will see, I will see. :)

- I actually have started a course for learning to draw, and also reading one of these scientific books I had mentioned. Haven't done much for them, just something - which is enough for now.

Oh, that's it for the goals. Very good. I'm happy with the results.
Singing is indeed the easiest for me but that's hardly a surprise.
Writing on the other hand is as hard as ever. Then again, in some aspects it is very easy, too, and always fun.

All in all, I am really happy right now because I have these many new things to learn -- learning how to record multiple tracks for a cappella music, learning these basic lessons about technical drawing, and another course teaching some more indepth stuff about writing mostly on the word/style level, I believe.

I am so glad about that, because for some reason I get discouraged and bored when I have nothing new to learn.

The best teaching tool though is YouTube: sped up videos on drawing and painting.
I've always learned the most by watching others do it, so this is so utterly great and ideal for me, together with all the theoretical things I'm learning.

- Everyone's Check-In
- My goals for #row80
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I am so exhausted! The last two days I was so exhausted I couldn't even do the two challenges for [livejournal.com profile] writerverse (5 comments to other's stories, and QuickFic#1: two stories of drabble-length or more inspired by 5 prompts; for bonus points one stories needed to be in my favourite genre (SF)).

I should have written the stories and comments at the beginning of the week when I still had strength left! But I also still had so much time…

I need daily challenges. I might not do them daily due to life events and health, but only deadlines really get me writing. (And I mean daily challenges that are fun, not just these one word prompts! I always need more than one word to prompt me anyway.)
I want to write daily - and I do stuff for my writing daily, but having a deadline helps me to get serious and to get going. So this week I tried to design how a challenge community should look like that supports my needs and wishes best.

To my native English speaking friends: Do these community names sound good to you or somehow wrong?
- [livejournal.com profile] textward
- [livejournal.com profile] artistsguild

Textward is a word creation so I'm the most unsure about this name. It is supposed to mean something like - 'towards (the) text' or 'forward to the text' - and it is translated from my German community [livejournal.com profile] textwaerts which also is a word creation and means 'into the direction of text (words)'.
(At Textwärts we offered all kinds of activities: weekly check-ins, tutorials, some few challenges, linklists to the best writing resources we could find at that time, etc, and we revived that community two or three times but it has now lain vacant since a while again.)

Artists' Guild is a translation from my German community [livejournal.com profile] kuenstlergilde meaning "Guild of/for/by Artists". I guess that name is ok, but maybe I'm overlooking something, if so please tell me.

I have no problem to delete these comms again and create better sounding ones, so don't hesitate to critic them bluntly!

My wishes for these communities is to offer a weekly tutorial for writing & drawing skills because I want to do both - write a lot, and also start drawing and painting again.
Especially for the latter I myself need to be taught — so the tutorials will serve me in the first place. :) The hope is that they could serve others as well.
I would then use the topic of that week's tutorial as basis for the challenges so that anyone wanting to learn these skills taught in the tutorial could then practice them in different ways.

I want to offer daily challenges with a 7 day deadline during weekdays (minimum word count for the daily challenges will be 100 words, except for Haikus/Peotry, so don't panik), and bi-weekly/monthly challenges on weekends with deadlines of 14 or 30 days. - That means while the challenges do run for at least a week there will be a deadline coming up every day.

So there is time to do everything in the beginning, or to cram at the end; to do all open challenges all at once (that sounds like me), or to do a bit every day, or to only participate once in a blue moon. - I don't intend to kick anyone out; it's not a land community after all.

I wonder if I could put the challenges and tutorials and whatever activities I (or you?) might come up with into ONE community.
I mean: What if I don't split drawing/painting stuff and writing stuff into two communities in two different places, but put the daily challenges together into one post for writing and drawing (as done here), and post the weekly tutorals either on sunday (writing) AND wednesday (drawing) or bi-weekly (1st sunday writing, 2nd sunday drawing/painting).

I personally think it would be easier for me to combine them, and on my search over LJ I would have loved to find a community that allows for original works that offers challenges for both arts (writing, drawing) — but I don't know if other people would like that, too.

Also, I really strongly dislike that all the land comms are flocked so that you can only find out what's in it once you've been accepted. Usually there are no descriptions and explanations anywhere, even on the profile or FAQ pages - which is why I now feel stupid after having been admitted into [livejournal.com profile] landofart only to find out that it's not about creating art at all, it's just about googling and manipulating some photos to gain points! — How do I leave that place now without hurting anyone?

So, my communities will be mostly public. Creative works can be posted on people's own LJs or in a specific members-locked side-community (has anyone ideas for a name?).

For my German friends: I do intend to mirror these communities, their challenges, tutorials and other activities in German, too, in the respective German communities. (If it's not way too much work. But well, the good intentions are there.)

What do you think? Let's have a vote! And please tell me additional thoughts, complaints, worries and ideas in the comments!

[Poll #1865161]

Thank you so much for your input!

Talea <3


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