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.1 — Six in the morning, and I already have written over 1k. :)

.2 — I just saw that the normal LJ-cut opens like the spoiler-cut now, and it even can be closed again. I've always hated that cut because it created such a break in my reading flow but at least it is more comfortable now.

.3 — I gave up on #row80 again.
Last time I stopped because I came to a point in my project where I lost every motivation to continue.
This time I stop because the challenge itself just doesn't work well for me.*

(I don't need motivation for setting and fulfilling low-pressure goals (because it is the challenge that knows you have a life it encourages you to set small accomplishable (read: boring) goals); I didn't need that I rather wanted to be part of that quite motivated writing community. But I can now still follow everyone's blogs and look at the linky lists without doing these check-ins myself, and I guess I'll be as bad at commenting as I would have been anyway.

I like check-ins, I like reading them from other people, I just find it weird for me to report goals I have set that I don't much respect — yeah so what, I can record a song per day, no problem, have done that before, will do it again. I just need to remember to do it. And, come on, I don't need a challenge to read a book. I just need discipline, and I don't think this challenge would have helped me much with it exactly because of it's low pressure. And for writing there are Nanowrimo, ForwardMotion, and quite a few good communities on LJ.)

*EDIT: Actually, it is a bit more, or rather: different, than that. Mostly I think this blog isn't the right place to do such things. But I don't yet really know what this blog is the right place for; I still have to figure that one out. It probably simply develop in time. So this was a false start - maybe.

.4 — I will think of something for this music stuff. I want to do things with it, so I'm going to. I have some ideas; I just have no concept yet and will need to talk with people about it.

.5 — For writing a short story per day I don't need an extra challenge either: I already have the Daily Challenge on the [livejournal.com profile] artistsguild.
I have been writing several nonsensical stories for them; I am slowly filling [livejournal.com profile] taleastales and I'm having great fun doing it.

So I now have this cute little community with easy challenges that actually fit me.
First I wanted to offer tutorials and some bigger challenges and stuff, but I don't know about that anymore. Google finds a lot of ressources if one has the patience to search, and that's what I would have done: In these tutorials I'd have linked to sites, tutorials and information that I value, usually because it helped me in some way.

I think when I want to have certain information and links in one place I will do such an entry - but not as something regular that becomes a chore to me, something that takes away from my writing time.

Right now I neither need nor enjoy bigger challenges, the monthly and weekly ones that I had planned for the Artists' Guild; that would just put a unnessessary pressure on me. One day I will probably do one of these special challenges, but then I will have fun with them.

So for now Artists' Guild is working as intended: There are daily challenges that I enjoy with prompts that I for once can actually use to get inspired, there are little workrooms that are much fun to write and imagine, and maybe one day people will even use them. (I am already looking forward to "spending" the points I am earning for writing and posting stories on something in the workroom's shop.)
Everything else will be developed later, if at all. Now I need to edit the Profile accordingly.

.6 — It's a Sunday! I like Sundays, it always seems to be more peaceful and lovely on these days. <3
(In Germany nothing happens on a Sunday. No stores are open, no people are out except for maybe taking a walk in a park, everybody except for the few churchgoers sleeps in; there really is peace over the land. Or just sleepyness.^^)

.7 — Now it's eight and the sun is up. It had been raining when it was dark; now there's sunshine outside and it promises to become a really lovely day. I've been up since before four doing this and that and writing. ... And now: Sunlight at 8°C! It'll be a great autumny week.


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