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Ok, I'm feeling better. I just had the most awfullest two days and I don't know yet how good I'll be today - but I'm feeling better. That's a start, I guess.

I didn't get any fiction writing done, so my goal for these holidays is quite impossible and therefore moot. That's ok, I'll then just do as much as I can, as soon as I can.

But I also got accepted yesterday to [livejournal.com profile] writerverse into [livejournal.com profile] team_prose, which does sounds kinda fun. Since it's very members-locked I couldn't really check it out before I applied. Now that I could look around for a day I have to say it looks nice. Smallish, but quite nice.

It's a writing-land community (for both fiction and fanfiction), with two competing teams - apparently they had a third team but not enough people, I guess. There are about 40 people per team right now and …
I just wish there were more polls.

Did you notice that now ALL USERS can post POLLS? (I tried it with a sock puppet that has a basic account.) This is sooo great, yet nearly nobody uses it. Maybe no one's got the memo yet. (Like the FAQs; they haven't heard from it either.) How can you not use polls as soon as you get them?

Then again I have no idea what to use them for, either. I just like to click them. :)

So let's have a little test run for poll-creation and poll-clicking:

[Poll #1858044]

Polls are really easy to do. If you've never done it yourself just go, try it out now:

- Go to Post an Entry.
- Click on Create a Poll.
- Create the poll (it's basically click, and write the questions/answers).
- Preview it.
- Then copy the code that you can view by clicking "See Code ->", and insert the code into the HTML editor on the Post an Entry site.

Now you can edit, and write some more stuff around the code (above, below), just as I did.

It has 5 poll types (Radio Buttons, Drop-down boxes, Text entry, Scale, and Check Boxes) that I used in my stupid little poll up there, you just click, then you write your questions and answers, and you're done.
Regrettably, after posting it you can't edit the poll any more. (Like offering more than just 50 characters for the text fields. Whoops.)

As I said: Real easy. :) Now go, test it in your own journal.

Yesterday I also had to fill out a HI, HERE I AM meme for Team Prose but I doubt anybody will read it since it is hidden in the comments of some lost thread that apparently nobody tracks.

But now I'd love to fill out some memes, I just don't know any anymore. Where do I find them? I'm too stupid to write them myself! (Writing POLLs on the other hand is easy! *g*)
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