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I'm checking in to tell you guys that I haven't done anything substantial for the novel and probably won't have time or the will to do anything substantial until wednesday when I will start writing like crazy and trying to write as much as possible of the whole novel in 10 days. Yay for holidays.

I was supposed to fill in into my outlines lot's of details but that obligation alone was enough to drive me away from looking at the plans for the novel at all, so that didn't work.

I did do enough other writing thing, and I constantly get these really fun conceptual ideas and thematic ideas and ideas for details that I could and will use for short stories and/or novels, but nada for the current novel, which is ok because that's apparently how my … writing/creative side works.

So I thought just now that maybe I should do the detailed chapter planning simply in the beginning of each writing day. Planning 5 or 10 chapters (in as little detail as nessessary) in the morning, or in the evening before; then writing them the whole day.
That might be better than trying to overwhelm myself now with planning little details that just fed me up when I try to plan them all at once.


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