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I must say, this bi-weekly check-in rhythm is a bit too frequent for me. I mean, if I only were to comment on the row80 main blog: "got 2000 words of fiction and half a painting done, yay me", and that's it, I could do that daily or so.
But since I have to write a blog entry this check-in task sounds much bigger, and I'd need to have something proper to check-in with, not just: "I thought a bit more about how I can't and how I can write stories, and how to put this into a blueprint/step-by-step instruction so that I won't forget the process that works for me (and can do it faster next time)." Rather, I feel I should have something substantial to show for three big days of work?

So yesterday, instead of preparing my current novel for the writing frenzy in august, I wondered again about why I'm right now so fascinated with these prompt tables of all these prompt challenge communities ala [livejournal.com profile] fanfic100 or [livejournal.com profile] 30kisses.
I seriously love the concept, and so apparently did a lot of other people. But these many communities that sprung up during the time fanfic100 went viral (2006-2008) now are mostly orphaned, only the tables are left over, but nobody write for them anymore.

Why not?

I thought about that, wondered how I could to make these concepts work for me. In the end it came down to plotting, again, and from there I jumped back into my novel again and through thinking about other writing challenge communities I found out what to do next and why, and got myself a step-by-step instruction on how to continue planning the novel.

It's funny how my brain works. If I'd just control it, I wouldn't allow these other thoughts. I would tell myself: "I've got to focus on my novel, brain, don't you realise that?!" Instead I follow like a butterfly every fun thought that comes along which then in retrospective helped me solve all the current problems I should have actually thought about.
I find that very funny. :)

So, my midweek check-in for ROW80:
- I thought about why I love challenges, and challenge communities, when they do and don't work for me and why.
- I've started on detail plotting: sorting the chapters and scenes, and finding out what I still need to design/create before writing starts on August 1st.
- I'm a bit nervous - only six more days!

Some links:
- Today's Check-In list of ROW 80 participants (by tomorrow there'll be more than 60 links to check out)
- Questionaire in 72 parts for character development/interviews #more #than #you'd #ever #need
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