Oct. 2nd, 2012

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I want to do something like this: Game of Thrones cover by Lindsey Stirling & Peter Hollens — One Voice, One Violin, 140 tracks, 9 of them Lindseys stamping (percussions), if I remember correctly.

Oh, and like this one that has nearly 12 million hits by now: Skyrim by Peter Hollens & Lindsey Stirling.

OMG, I had forgotten, this is even more amazing than the first one. Totally my kind of music. (Not, what I usually do, but what I LOVE to hear.) This one has only 120 tracks, 114 of them of his voice. Isn't this increadible? What an enormous amount of time and effort has gone into this!

Well, I can not play violin and have no piano right now which I could play a bit.
I have voice, though, and I want to learn to make such increadible music.

It's a pity I don't have proper equipment yet, but I don't need that to learn. (I mean, a bad recording is still enough of a recording to learn with.)

Basically, the violin is like a female voice, a male voice is like bass or drums or the lower string instruments and flutes. They say, the human voice* is the most amazing instrument there is because it can change so much.
I wonder if I could find a male voice to help me to make recordings like the examples above. I really wonder. Wouldn't this be utterly awsome?

Or, without male voice, I'd definetely need a lot of stamping and such for percussions, to have something to balance my soprano. I've never been very good at singing low. Is this something I could learn, too? I do hit the notes, of course, but I'd have to become much louder in the low voices. Somehow. Hm. I guess for that I would at least need a better microphone than I have.

I'm not thinking about video recording anything, by the way. Lack of equipment, for one, and I only remember having done one professional video recording so far. Can't film myself, anyway.

And for anyone who can't feel yet that winter is coming, I'm telling you: It totally is. (But then again, you all knew that. 29 million hits since last winter! O_o *shakes head*)

* When I hear singers like those two, and husband and wife at that (!), I start thinking: 'Can I sing like that? I want to sing like that!' This song is really amazing and so beautifully sung by them. Amazing, amazing!


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