Jul. 14th, 2012

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By now my LJ (= this blog) feels half-way alive again. There are actual updates on my friendslist (the livejournal-intern blogfeedreader). I am apparently starting to leave comments again (few, but still). There are some really nice communities I have found, and one or two in which I probably will actually participate instead of just lurking.

Kinda a bit like being back at home.

I still haven't replaced my icons, or at last gotten new ones. I should take some photos somewhere. I need … I want a header, one with flowers. Where do I find flowers now? Maybe I'll take a shot of a fountain or something, but I wanted colorful flowers…

My story is coming along, slowly but steadily. That's my whole sunday report for the Check-In of ROW80, that writing challenge that knows you have a life.
I still have quite a way to go with creating the outlines for the story, but it actually is getting fleshed out which is wonderful to see. No major plot holes are visible yet, and open questions are being answered.

Life's good, apparently.


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