Jul. 2nd, 2012

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Apparently there is something called ROW. Has some meaning, but nobody actually cares. I think it's about elephants. So this is a challenge that you participate in and report back on some blog, and you get to cut out & paint yourself an elephant shaped medal afterwards.

90 days of ... I think writing, but probably just any goal that you want to accomplish. Afterwards the elephants is eaten, that's why there aren't any photos of it.

Therefore I --

Whoops. Just looked it up and they want to reach their goals in 80 days, à la Verne.
I don't like Verne, so 3 months it is.

So. Therefore for the next 3 months I'm going to work extremely hard on my current novel! Cool, eh?
So today I'll be plotting and cutting down a tree to have enough paper to write on. ... No wait. I like trees. Plant a tree was what someone had been saying. Plant a tree, write a book, have some kids, enjoy the world. 'kay.

I have about 30 minutes until I'll fall asleep so I promise to work reeeeally hard until then. Watch me run.


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